Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Using the number of spam filtering solutions growing every week it's getting more difficult for customers to make informed choices within their purchases. For more information on cloud-based spam filtering, visit our website today!

You will find 3 fundamental types of spam filters:




We'll discuss each kind of spam filter and in the finish you will be able to determine what spam filter fits your needs.

Integrated spam filters

This kind of spam filtering software is easily the most common. Once installed it sits "on the top" of your overall email software and installs a brand new set of buttons to your email software. Later on whenever you collect email you will see choices for marking email as Spam, marking the e-mail as Not Spam, Bounce the e-mail to sender, etc. The outline and position of these buttons differs from one product to another however their purpose continues to be the same.

Most integrated spam filters instantly place suspected junk email right into a separate folder on your computer that you should review or delete afterwards.

The newer integrated spam filters will also be "intelligent". They are able to essentially discover the distinction between what's spam and what's not and delete the junk email you wouldn't want.

Typically the most popular integrated spam filters are:

iHate Spam


Spam Inspector

Integrated spam filters are most widely used among individuals who desire a a single click means to fix collecting their personal email and filtering junk email simultaneously.


A single click solution.


Software specific. Some use Outlook and Outlook Express only.

Standalone spam filters

They are less frequent than their integarted counterparts but that does not make sure they are less helpful. A standalone spam filter is essentially another piece of software installed on your computer that you utilize to check on your email for spam.

Standalone filters possess the huge advantage of having the ability to preview your email around the mail server of all time downloaded for your PC. That one single feature has got the huge benefit of enabling you to just download the e-mail that you would like instead of installing all of your email, such as the spam, and then sorting through it.

Utilizing a standalone spam filter is a touch more work due to the fact it is a separate piece of software that you need to run before you decide to open your email software. Most standalone filters do permit you to configure them so that your standard email application is opened up once you have selected what spam to filter. This suits many people and not others.

Typically the most popular standalone spam filter is:

Mailwasher Pro


Does not depend on specific email applications to operate correctly.


Two step process. Load standalone filter and your email application.

Online spam filters

You will find really two sorts of online spam filters. The first is for business use and the first is for home use. An average example of a company type method is iHate Spam server edition in which the software deletes junk email from the mail server prior to the finish user even sees it. Large companies use this type of technology.

Home users is going to be using Spam Arrest or similar. Spam Arrest provides an inventive means to fix spam whereby any email delivered to you account includes a challenge request delivered back into it that the sender must authenticate. The automated junk email software utilized by spammers can't presently cope with this kind of response. Any failure to authenticate the task email leads to the junk email being left to die on the internet. A person is authenticated with Spam Arrest just once for security simply to make certain the software does not be a nuisance. Want to know more about spam filtering? Visit our website today for more information.

Typically the most popular online spam filter is:

Spam Arrest


Users are certain to only get the email that they need or requested.


Any technical issues with the Spam Arrest server and you've got no defense against spam.

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